Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp and Incubator for Health Researchers 2014

Timing: The Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers 2014 ran August 18-23, 2014.

Videos:Videos from the bootcamp are available at the bootcamp playlist.

Related materials:Also of possible. interest are the interlinked materials from our NCSU/UNC bootcamp.

Registration: The on-line registration system can be accessed here. Please note that we do allow for contingent reservations (e.g. reservations with the understanding that it is conditional on the participant securing funding on their side; please indicate the conditional nature of the reservation in the "Additional Information" field of the registration form).

Coverage: A preliminary prospectus is available. The Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp & Incubator for Health Researchers is an intensive, hands-on tutorial and model incubator that seeks to provide health science researchers with a systematic, practical and accessible introduction to agent-based modeling for health, using familiar language and concepts. To help ease the post-event transition, the “incubator” side of the event will further leverage the extensive experience of the instructor and teaching assistants to provide ongoing advice, guidance, tips and direct assistance as participants build, explore and debug their own models customized to their research interests. To make maximal use of the classroom experience, and in accordance to the principles of “flip teaching”, students will be asked to review the instructor’s detailed, hands-on online training material outside of classroom hours; classroom time will briefly review the essentials, but will be primarily devoted to helping students take advantage of the unique features of the classroom by 1) leveraging the presence of the instructor and teaching assistance to conceptualize, formulate, specify and debug models customized to their research interests 2) conducting joint agent-based modeling exercises that build on and reinforce the basic training material, and 3) engaging in richer discussion regarding specific questions and challenges identified by the students.

While the bootcamp seeks to ease participant learning by placing emphasis on ABM in the AnyLogic 7 platform, the curriculum will include several significant examples of models created in -- and discussion of tradeoffs between -- multiple frameworks for agent-based modeling (e.g., NetLogo, RePast, MODGEN). Please note that the updated bootcamp will cover Version 7 of AnyLogic. During the bootcamp, some sessions will be additionally be kept open for discussion to address issues of priority to registrants.

Reference materials:Visitors planning to be or considering being participants in this summer's bootcamp may find it useful to refer to variety of materials (including exercises, lecture & tutorial slides, audio recordings, and videos and/or screencasts, etc.) from previous classes and several bootcamps taught by the instructor, as well as an inventory of models from these classes. While this year's bootcamp is anticipated to include some additional material not currently represented in those courses, much of the material that can be seen in those courses will be of direct relevance for the bootcamp. Early review of the material already posted would allow bootcamp participants to come away with a deeper appreciation for subtleties in the application of AnyLogic for Agent-Based modeling.

Accomodations:Information on accomodations are available here

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Material from other lectures and tutorials by the same instructor (Nathaniel Osgood) can be accessed here.